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Since 2007, Ebunge partition walls have specialized in the technology development of movable partition wall to make space management flexible and improve the user experience. To stand out your design on the shelf, cooperate with Ebunge to get a custom solution.

Our products (Movable Partitions and Office Furniture) are widely used in hotel banquet halls, meeting rooms, exhibition halls, conference rooms, international convention centers, upscale restaurants, office buildings, schools, hospitals auditoriums, stadiums, and so on.

Live the experience to set up your space.


Ebunge partition walls make the space divider easy!

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Strong capabilities support your thoughts in movable partition & office furniture requirements

3,000 ㎡

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8,000 ㎡

Monthly Production

30 Tons

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Why US

Our survey of in-depth business study found that consumers have an increasing demand for space management.

Ebunge partition wall in the operable movable partition wall business of flexible management,creative space solutions. Ebunge partition team will provide flexible space solutions.

Our mission to exceed customer exceptions by providing high value, nice quality, and competitive products and services has never changed. We can work with architects, designers, general contractors, or end-users, our knowledgeable and skilled team of sales specialists, project managers, and engineers will ensure that the projects are completed on time and on budget.

Meet Our Specialized Team

It is our team that has accumulated experience and expertise over the years to ensure the overall satisfaction of your project.

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Our Team

Our Ebunge teams are familiar with movable partition technology to achieve all the space functions you want.

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Our Customer

Ebunge customers from all over the world, they are appreciated the inspiration to create the advanced movable partition

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Production Process

Our production team manages materials and quality to help control your cost and ensure optimal products for you.

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Partitions Installation

For the movable wall installation, we offer a free installation supervise service.

Movable Walls

View our full range of movable partition walls designed for commercial use.


Explore our comprehensive customization services to start creating your flexible space solution.

Get Movable Partition Walls to Make Space Management Easier, Make Your Business Easier.

Ebunge provides movable partition walls for many applications, meeting the customer’s demand for a quality-oriented and cost-effective business.

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