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Movable Partition Wall Manufacturer Based in China

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Movable partition wall for Diverse Applications

Our full range of movable partition walls is made and meet various needs in different usage scenarios.

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Make Free Space Collection by Movable Partition Wall Advantages

We are professional in a one-stop solution with designing, measuring, producing, installing, and delivering the movable partition wall products.


Movable and Foldable Systems

Ebunge movable partition wall room partition dividers are manufactured in accordance with strict construction and testing criteria to give a high level of quality. These characteristics also apply to our special products like access doors that are fitted within wall systems. Further more, each individual project is given special attention at the design stage so that the requested sound-insulation is always attained.


Design and Technology

Movable partition wall systems have the characteristic of being very easy to maneuver and position. This is the result of the high quality, long-lasting components. The panels have a tongue-and-grove profile designed to obtain a perfect visual, geometric and sound-insulation continuity solution. An extendable pressure seal element is located at the top and bottom of each panel that provide sealing and panel stability to the floor and ceiling.


Easy to Operate and Acoustic

The transformation of a large hall into two or more sound-insulated areas which perfectly respond to the requirements of the designer and the needs of the final user without sacrificing style and functionality, can all be achieved by means of Bunge movable walls with sound-insulated function. In view of the wide choice of finish available, Bunge movable partition wall can be personalized according to the individual requirement.


Widely Application of Movable Partitions

Design and technology are the essentials of a successful alliance of partition. The movable partition wall series is used wherever room space needs to be fully utilized. Hotels, conference centers, multi-function rooms, banquet halls, offices, training areas, etc. can all benefit from the flexibility of Bunge operable movable partition walls. Each set wall can have access doors, which are available in different sizes. and go through the room.


Movable Partition Wall Manufacturer

◆Individual panels can be stored away for maximum space usage.
◆Operable top and bottom seals for effortless operation.
◆Aluminum frame construction for enhanced acoustics.
◆The system offers various levels of sound reduction
◆Unique track and carrier system ensuring quiet and easy operation.
◆Numerous panel stacking options for complete flexibility.
◆Top hung and no floor track.
◆Extensive range of surface finishes can be available.  

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Who We Are?

Ebunge partition is a professional company in manufacturing Movable Partition Walls.  We also artistically designs and carefully does research and development (R&D). We have professional team with over 15 years of experience in design, production and installation. Also, have good after-sale team.
Our products (Movable Partition Walls) are widely used in the hotel banquet halls, meeting rooms, exhibition halls, conference rooms, international convention centers, KTVs, upscale restaurants, office buildings, schools, hospitals auditorium, stadium, and so on.
The modern trend in buildings needs more flexibility and convenience, and soundproof to use the space of their rooms. Most of the building designers like to prepare open-plan space, soundproof effect, and easy to operate. The solution of the designers need is the acoustic movable partition wall。

Cooperate with Ebunge Partition

Ebunge movable partition walls based in China, real factory, no middle men, we are currently export to many countries such as Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand, UK, USA,  UAE, Saudi Araba, Australia, South Africa, Kenya and so on. Ebunge partition team will always provide our clients with premium-quality movable partition wall systems and excellent services!
With the quick growth of EBUNGE brand and the fast expansion of overseas business, we are on the lookout for qualified agents and distributors that will perfectly represent Ebunge throughout the world.


Benefits for Your OEM & ODM Service

Take advantage of our movable partition wall system value-added solutions and more cost-efficiency to come out on top of the competition.
The benefits of your space free collection can make a big room into many small rooms as you want in a short time. Easy to expand your business.
◆ A fully professional design service         
◆ Survey and installation guide
◆ Using nice quality materials and components
◆ A fully experienced work team
◆ No MOQ, Customized available         
◆ OEM & ODM, trial Welcome


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Get Movable Partition Walls to Make Space Management Easier, Make Your Business Easier.

Ebunge provides movable partition walls for many applications, meeting the customer’s demand for a quality-oriented and cost-effective business.

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