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Movable partition wall for decoration interesting

Go with Your Designs

Ebunge movable partition walls are a great solution for the design of space management and cost-effective. Life situations require in many cases a great deal of creativity in the design and application flexibility. These requirements meet the modern design partition system, which must also be found in an almost unlimited variety of patterns.
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Movable Partition Wall Application

Fixed partition provides a great storage capacity

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The fixed partition remains optically discreetly in the background. The property offers more space solutions for storage or office as well as the living room that the movable wall. The system can be used as a floor or ceiling partition wall or ceiling sliding independently. Construction and materials are suitable for interior decoration individuals. Walls flush with ceiling and floor, of course, can also protect the sounds and smells.
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Custom Options from Idea to Implementation

We support a wide selection of optional styles to create your space flexible.


Our products (Movable Partitions and Office Furniture) are widely used in the hotel banquet halls, meeting rooms, exhibition halls, conference rooms,  meeting room, kindergarden, international convention centers, upscale restaurants, office buildings, schools, hospital, museum, auditorium, stadium, ballroom and so on. 

We have always followed the standardization rules for a rigorous production process, saving time and cost for both parties and bringing maximum benefits to you.

Size & Design

Ebunge movable partition wall system  is a suitable solution for creating new space arrangements and separating space flexible, taking into consideration the changing needs of space premises.

Ebunge partitions have a good design which makes it easy to install and move. The design, width and height of the movable partition walls will be specifically manu- factured in accordance with the designer or customer requirements (keeping in mind the maximum dimen- sions).

We provide CAD and 3D design sketches. We will walk you through the entire solution creation process, pre-sale communication, design, manufacture, shipmentm, and installation.

Surface Finish

Soundproof movable partition wall for hotel banquet hall from Ebunge Quality-driven solutions with top team services. Choose the surface you want, use the color you like. Love yourself and love your space.

What surface finshing can you choose for your partition project?

MDF, fabri cover, leather cover, melamine is the very common one choosed by most clients, but we still get more choices like plywood, landscape painting, wallpaper, writingboard, mirrorsurface, acoustic panel surface, ect.


Our Ebunge movable partition walls enable you to divide your  space easily and quickly. We have been developing and manufacturing movable partition walls and office furniture since 2007.

Choose from our menu. We offer movable partition walls and glass partition walls, foldable meeting table, office chairs and office furniture. The design of the partitions and furniture complies with the most demanding requirements for aesthetics, practicality and acoustics.

Packaging & Loading

Ebunge partition company has some general packaging that will ensure your package safety for shipping. Please consult our Customer Service for more detail information. We ensure the package is the most suitable for your items. We are passionate about our service, and we take the responsibility for what we pack very seriously.

The sliding folding movable partition walls have many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers.  The track comes with optional styles according to the load weight requirement. The nice material makes the product nice in quality. It guarantees good operation experience.


We can supply and install versatile operable partitions. We offer a surpassed service and maintenance service in moveable walls so give us your next space division challenge and let us show you the possibilities!

Ebunge partition provides a one-stop solution for every client. If needed, we will send our technicians to the site for installation supervise or video show about the movable partition wall panels and tracks installation.  For more products or projects information, please don’t hesitate to contact our Ebunge service team to know more.

Design Philosophy

User Experience Drives Innovation

Our team persistently studies and captures the needs of the user and the market from life scene and life lifestyle. They introduce state-to-the-art technologies to make the use of movable partition wall more convenient and improve the user experience.

Only by grasping customers’ preferences can we increase the cost-effective and user experience. Partner with our team to create your ideal movable partition wall that will easier to manage your space.

Ebunge Partition Wall Team

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