Why the movable partitions will be a main trend in hotel banquet hall?

The hotel was called as an inn in ancient China. The two basic functions are dining and accommodation. With the development of the times, it is called the hotel or banquet hall now. In addition to meals and accommodation service, now the hotel banquet hall can hold some meetings or events, and can even organize some small-scale exhibitions, especially those well-known large hotels, they will provide large-scale meeting place, such as Hilton, Sheraton or Shangri-La, they are generally located in better locations in big cities.


To build a big hotel in this kind of land, Land prices are an astronomical figure. The large conference halls or multi function halls in the hotel banquet hall occupy a relatively large area, and they are generally not used every day or the time of use may be staggered from the rush hour of the meal, so it will cause space waste, the hotel will have to pay a very large cost for this. Therefore, when the owner choosing a decoration scheme, the partitions, especially for movable partitions, have become their first choice.


One of the core functions of the movable partition is the flexible control and the use of space. Like the problem of wasted space in the hotel’s large venue, the movable partition can solve this question perfectly. When you install the movable partition well, it can be used normally when the hotel or banquet hall needs to be used normally. Because the movable partition is sliding and movable, when you do not use them, they can be parked to the parking zone. When you use the movable partition, they can be divided a big hall into 2 or more smaller rooms, which can be use during rush hours, or there are two different groups at the same time.The movable partition has good sound insulation function. In short, the movable partition walls can improve the efficiency of space use, save costs and increase revenue.


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