Is there a gap between up and down for room partition?

Some people are confusing that, if there is no gap, how the movable partition walls move and slide?

Also some clients asked us whether there is a space opened at the bottom? If yes, it will cross the sound through the bottom side. Your movable partition wall will be not a sealing system, and they are not sound proofing.

Yeah this is amazing, as a professional manufacturer, we can say that there is almost no gap between up and down, and there is no gap between panels and panels. May be some people is thinking that it is impossible.

Actually there is an up and down retractable mechanism system inside our movable partition walls, we will use a handle to operate, and let it move and fixed.

The contract range is 22.5 mm, it means that when you use a handle to operate the panels by 180°, the up and down mechanism will attach to our track system and floor, but of course it will not damage the floor, just a touch to the floor, then the movable partitions will be fixed and not swing easily. On the contrary, also using a handle to operate 180°, the up and down mechanism will be contracted 22.5 mm, at this moment, the movable partition walls can be moved and slide.


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